Get ready for a new chapter in the world of fashion! We are thrilled to introduce UWANGMO, a new sister brand of FORWARD. This innovative brand explores the intersection of A.I. and fashion.
At FORWARD, we believe in the power of creativity to stay ahead of the curve and play an active role in shaping the future of the Industry. Dedicated to bringing an intelligent discourse and perspective of using A.I. to the creative world, our goal is to provide a unique platform for industry professionals to stay ahead of the curve and embrace a safe space to express their thoughts and opinion without judgment actively.
By keeping UWANGMO independent from FORWARD Fashion, we can offer more targeted and specialized content while ensuring that our core values are undiluted and held. The new brand will also provide opportunities for collaboration and partnerships within the Industry.
At FORWARD, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fashion. UWANGMO allows us to challenge traditional perspectives and bring new ideas to the forefront as a brand powered entirely by A.I., from content creation to product design. You will discover an entirely new world of fashion, where technology meets creativity. So, join us on this journey and be inspired and excited by each other with new and thought-provoking ideas as we journey into the future of fashion.