Threads of the Future:

A.I. Weaving a New Fashion Narrative ​

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming magazine edition, Threads of the Future: A.I. Weaving a New Fashion Narrative. This groundbreaking issue explores the synergy between artificial intelligence and human creativity in fashion. We will push the boundaries of fashion by merging A.I.-generated designs with the artistic vision of today’s leading fashion designers, photographers, and stylists.
We’re reaching out to the trailblazers, the believers, and those who find enchantment in the wild unknown. As the digital and the physical worlds entwine, we invite you to share your artistic creations that push fashion’s boundaries, embracing the gentle guidance of A.I. in our pursuit of the uncharted.
With the passing days, we see you delving deep into the wellspring of your imagination and laying bare your most vulnerable, introspective designs.
As we embark on this journey into the heart of A.I., we want to see you weave your words and visuals, hear your desire and discovery captured as evocative tapestry, painting a vivid canvas of our collective dreams and doubts capturing the essence of our shared humanity, even as we stand on the edge of a new era.
So, all the virtual realm adventurers reveal your passion, fire, and innermost truths. Together, we’ll shape the future of fashion, one pixel, one thread, one breath at a time.
Send your masterpieces; let’s craft the fabric of tomorrow, united in purpose.


We prefer that your submission is exclusively created for UWANGMO.

For Written Editorial/ Feature/Interview Article:

  • 300-500 words; Include 2-5 images. The written submission should be publication-ready.

For Visual Fashion Editorial/Illustrations/Arts:

  • Please mention the theme/title of the submission. 3-5 images. Include a narrative of the inspiration/theme in 200-300 words.
  • Images submitted should be free of all text and credits. The submission must involve the social media handles of the parties involved. UWANGMO is not accountable for any missing or misspelt credit.

Photography requirements for print:

  • High-res images no smaller than the following dimensions:
  • Landscape Images: Width – 17 inches / Height – 11 inches
  • Portrait: Width – 8.5 inches / Height – 11 inches
  • File Type: JPEG/TIFF
  • Color Mode: CMYK
  • Resolution: 300 dpi

By submitting your contribution, you grant UWANGMO the right to reproduce, modify, publish, create derivative works from, distribute, and make them available to the public. UWANGMO reserves the right to crop further, manipulate, or cut images from the final story to fit with the magazine flow. UWANGMO reserves the right to change the name of your editorial. We do not pay for submissions; the project team covers all expenses for a submission to the magazine. Once accepted, they must only be posted online or on social media once the magazine is released. If your photographs are published, they must only be exclusive to UWANGMO. Please be advised that the contributors will not be provided with a free copy of the magazine. However, FORWARD will provide each contributor with tear sheets of their work.


Join us as we turn the pages of the fashion story and delve into a world where style meets AI!